Today, a common site on British beaches is either the beach tent/shelter or windbreak. Given the general weather patterns we experience, it is usual for a sea breeze to be present sometime during the day. When modest it adds to the pleasure of a day at the beach. However, when it strengthens, some form of shelter is welcome. This explains why many beaches are covered in these colourful products in Britain during the summer.

The Seaside Company now offers a wide selection of different brands of beach tents or shelters. They may vary in size, colour or operation. Some are certified UV tents and offer maximum protection from UV rays. Others have quick and clever pop-up (or pull-up) mechanisms that avoid the threading of poles through fabric. There are a variety of window configurations while others have floors that convert to doors. Choose from a modest two person shelter or opt for one of the larger, full height family size cabanas.

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