There is a real need for creating shade on a hot sunny day at the beach. Not only does it provide a cooler spot to sit and relax but it can also provide essential protection from the suns' harmful UV rays.

Our range of parasols (or umbrellas) is chosen to offer customers a wide choice of options. It ranges from the smaller size clamp-on umbrella for chairs and loungers and ends with the full-height, wider diameter parasol with wind vent. In between, we can offer a full range of colours and fabrics and some have integral spikes for securing into the ground. It may be the extra design features such as a tilt option, hooks for hanging up wet clothing or a compact three-piece design that will appeal.

The range includes some parasols that are suitable for gardens and pools. These tend to be a larger size and made from more durable fabric such as cotton or dralon. They normally require a base to support them.

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